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4 Ways Your Office Is Crushing Your Creativity

BY Diana Budds Is your office stifling your creativity? A recent survey, conducted by the global architecture firm Gensler, suggests as much. The good news: You can do something about it. The online survey, called the 2016 Workplace Survey, sought to uncover whether a workplace can make employees more creative and entire organizations more innovative. It drew more than 4,000 people from 11 different industries including tech, government, finance, media, and biological sciences. The respondents had to work in offices some of the time and for companies of more than 100 employees. About two-thirds of those surveyed believed that they work in spaces that crush creativity and innovation. Read...

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Seeing a Bright Future for On-Site Energy Storage

By Kevin Brass Commercial property owners are rethinking their skepticism toward energy storage systems, with battery prices dropping and third parties offering new financing models. “Everybody is recognizing that it is a necessary component of the overall [sustainability] picture,” says Sara Neff, the senior vice president of sustainability at Kilroy Realty Corporation, the California-based real estate company. The first quarter of 2017 was “the biggest quarter in history for the U.S. energy storage market,” according to a tracking report from the Energy Storage Association. Led by large-scale utility installations, primarily in California, the megawatt (MW) hours of storage deployments doubled in 2016, compared with the previous year, according to the association’s data. Read...

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5 easy green office hacks that could make your company more productive

By Madeleine Sheehan Perkins It may sound crazy to give your employees control of their own thermostats, but it may just make them more productive. Business Insider spoke with Emma Stewart, chief business development officer at Impact Infrastructure to find out what could be done around an office building to increase productivity. Impact Infrastructure runs simulations to find out how a company can alter its offices in a way that benefits both the environment and worker productivity. Read...

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Roofing Renovation: 3 Energy Efficient Strategies

By Tom M. Hanzely There are nearly 5.6 million commercial buildings across the United States, which generate approximately 16% of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce the environmental impact of these commercial facilities, even the smallest eco-friendly renovation shouldn’t be overlooked, as it can create positive change. In fact, according to the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, if energy efficiency among commercial buildings improved by just 10%, there could be a total cost savings of about $40 billion, not to mention the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that would be prevented. Following are three renovations may not only reduce a commercial building’s carbon footprint, but even help save money over the long-term: Read...

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The Sustainable Office: 6 Key Design Elements

A sustainable office design has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” achievement. The question is no longer if business will incorporate sustainable design, but when. Thanks to new legislation, heightened corporate social responsibility and increased productivity, “greening” existing infrastructure has become an immediate action item for many companies anticipating the future. Smart businesses have already started planning for updates in energy-efficient heating, lighting, windows, ventilation and air conditioning and plumbing, to name just a few. This kind of pro-active thinking builds not only an office that’s more sustainable, but also a company that is part of the long-term solution. Here are six smart ways to approach sustainable office design: Read...

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