IFMA releases Year in Review: FY 2017 Annual Report

IFMA is pleased to announce the release of its Year in Review: FY 2017 Annual Report, which outlines the association’s efforts to fulfill its mission “to advance the professional discipline of facility management worldwide.” The annual report addresses IFMA’s continued initiatives and association-wide achievements from the 2016-17 fiscal year (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017), as well as strategic projections for the organization’s path forward. Read...

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San Francisco Schools Aim for a Zero Carbon Footprint by 2040

he San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night in favor of a plan to achieve carbon neutrality — the phasing out of fossil fuel use entirely — by 2040. Board officials say the San Francisco Unified School District now has in place the nation’s most aggressive carbon reduction goal of its kind. “The old mantra of sustainability is, ‘How can we be more efficient? How can we be slightly better?’ ” says Nik Kaestner, the district’s sustainability director. “The new mantra is, ‘How can we get to zero? How can we do it in a way that, in the end, we won’t have anything else to improve upon?” Read More…      ...

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IFMA releases FM benchmarks report on operations and maintenance

IFMA’s FM Research and Benchmarking Institute (RBI) has published definitive benchmarks for facility management (FM) professionals covering janitorial, maintenance, utility costs and sustainable practices. IFMA’s 2017 O&M Benchmarking Report, released in collaboration with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), draws data from 2,000 survey respondents throughout the United States and Canada and includes analysis of 98,000 buildings. Read...

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“Net Zero” is a term that has just recently entered the nomenclature, but it will be one that we will be hearing more often. It’s a “buzz word” that describes buildings that produce as much energy as they use. Until now, this ambitious target seemed out of reach, an ideal. It is now a necessity and about to become law. Most scientists agree that the production of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is heating the earth with potentially disastrous consequences. The levels of atmospheric CO2 have increased by over 30 percent since the Industrial Revolution whose success was made possible by the burning of fossil fuels.

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IFMA conference offers timely expertise on emergency preparedness and business continuity

In the wake of destructive hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, Houston-based IFMA is inviting professionals to learn about emergency planning and business continuity at its flagship event, the World Workplace Conference and Expo, to be held in Houston, Texas, USA, on Oct. 18-20. Presented in collaboration with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), this year’s conference theme is, “We are FM: A Universe of Possibilities.” The statistics are shocking: 43 percent of businesses that close their doors following a natural disaster never re-open, yet 81 percent of the organizations IFMA surveyed did not have an up-to-date emergency preparedness and business continuity plan. As the largest and best-recognized professional association for FM professionals, IFMA polls members around the world to identify key competency areas and then builds educational curricula around them. One such competency area is emergency preparedness and business continuity — the ability to plan for emergencies before they hit and to recover quickly after. Read...

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