Each month, The San Diego Chapter Sustainability Committee will highlight one of the How-To Guides found on the IFMA Foundation website (  This is the first of the series.  

Facility Managers want to see bottom line advantage when applying energy and environment efficiencies. The How-To Guide series is a series of 13 in-depth guides produced by IFMA Foundation that demonstrate how to apply resource information to make decisions toward improving operational efficiencies and the environment in which we work. Each Guide focuses on a specific efficiency or management process.

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GETTING STARTED”: First in the series of How-to Guides.

Already know everything you need from the USGBC and LEED?

The Introduction in this Guide lays out the tools available to the Facility Manager for making the built environment more sustainable. Building certification programs apply more to new construction or refurbishing existing buildings. This guide series focuses on efficiency improvements for YOUR existing circumstances and YOUR existing building.

Don’t have time or funds to make improvements?

The IFMA How-To Guide series directs information to Facility Managers who need qualified data and ROI facts. You are able to scroll through this first Guide and focus on your specific area of need or manageable improvements: EXAMPLE: 4.3 (page 23) “Selling to Senior Management”. Case studies are included for each Guide in the series.