IFMA San Diego has placed an active icon on the homepage of our website that will show when to Flex Your Power here in California.  The icon is shown in the lower right corner of the website and is normally green.  When there is a Flex Alert, the icon will turn RED.

A Flex Alert is an urgent call to Californians to immediately conserve electricity and to shift demand to off-peak hours (after 6 p.m.). When an alert is called, take three simple actions to reduce electrical load on the grid:

1. Turn off all unnecessary lights, computers, and appliances.
2. Adjust your air conditioning thermostat to 78° or higher. Use a fan when possible.
3. Postpone using major appliances and equipment until after 6 p.m.

Flex Alerts are announced through email, social media and web both directly from the Flex Alert campaign and through our network partners. Keep your eyes open for Flex Alert notifications this summer and for more information please visit us at