As we begin a new year, many of us are focused on getting organized and prioritizing our goals. It’s an ideal time to outline a plan for maintaining the CFM credential that you worked so hard to earn.

Over the past two years, IFMA has enhanced the most respected certification in FM with several new and improved features, including the revised CFM Exam (published in June 2013), the launch of the FM Learning System, and modified application and maintenance processes. Even if you’ve been keeping on top of these improvements, you’re still sure to have questions.

The following information should help you better understand the systems and processes necessary for CFM maintenance.

 If you have any questions regarding this CFM maintenance, renewal or any aspect of the credentialing process, please contact Rhonda Hager, IFMA Credentials Manager.

Credential Application & Maintenance Program (CAMP)

In 2012, IFMA introduced a new credentialing system, the Credential Application and Maintenance Program (CAMP). Through CAMP, all credential activity and payments are recorded and submitted electronically. The system ties into our membership database, so your IFMA ID# and login will be the same. If you need your login information, please contact IFMA at +1-713-623-4362 or email I have attached copies of the CAMP User’s Guide and CFM Maintenance Worksheet for your reference.  Please note that you must upload documentation into your renewal form.  The required documentation is noted for each maintenance item.

CFM Expiration Notices & Contact Information

As a courtesy, expiration notices are emailed to active CFMs six months prior to individual expiration dates. Emails will continue to be sent throughout the three-month “grace period” following the expiration date. Emails will also be sent during the three-month “cancellation pending period” prior to the cancellation date.

For renewals submitted during the cancellation pending period, there is a late fee. Six months after your expiration date, your credential will be cancelled and you will be required to retake the exam in order to have your CFM reinstated.

It is essential for you to maintain your current contact information in your CAMP record. We make every effort to contact CFMs prior to cancellation; however, we cannot remind you of your cancellation date if

we do not have current contact information. Please note: It is the responsibility of the CFM to know his or her expiration date and to contact the IFMA Credentials Team regarding renewal. Not receiving a reminder

does not excuse one from recertifying on time. Again, once your CFM is cancelled you cannot simply have it reinstated. You will be required to retake the CFM exam.

.CFMJ & Lifetime CFM

Two programs related to the CFM have been revised due to our pending ANSI certification application. IFMA is seeking ANSI certification to elevate our credentials globally; this process involves aligning our policies and processes to meet required standards.

Due to the ANSI regulation stating that all credentials must be achieved and maintained in the same manner, the reciprocity program with JFMA was discontinued and the Lifetime CFM program was revised. The standard CFM process involves passing the CFM Exam and submitting maintenance points for renewal every three years. All active CFMs must participate in the renewal process.

For CFMs who are no longer active in the profession due to retirement or a transition to another field, the RCFM is an option. This is not considered an active credential; there is no age restriction and no maintenance is required. There is a one-time application fee, and the application can be submitted online through the CAMP program. RCFMs are issued a new certificate and pin.

Renewal – Maintenance Points

If you have concerns regarding insufficient maintenance points for renewal, please contact the Credentials Manager to discuss your situation.  This particularly applies to individuals for whom the situation is due to the loss of employment, illness, or active military duty.

On behalf of IFMA, I thank you for your support of and contributions to the association and the FM profession. I hope this information is helpful to you; and I wish you a successful year.


Rhonda Hager

Credentials Manager