This month, we invite you to join us for an interactive and comprehensive webinar on (Un)Intelligibility in Workplace Design.

How does the unproductive employee affect your organization? 

What is the real meaning behind intelligibility in workplace design?

Employees are any organizations most expensive asset. So, designing productive and safe work environments is a critical objective for every firm. This presentation takes a look at the noise factors in workplace design and keys in on identifying the balance of speech intelligibility and unintelligibility. Unintelligibility leads to more productive work spaces with minimal distraction but recent safety code changes have introduced a requirement for intelligibility. We will explore both and highlight what you should be aware of when designing your next workplace

Join IFMA and Executive Director of Business & Channel Strategy at Lencore, David Smith in understanding how your workplace can become more efficient through the utilization of intelligibility. With 16 years in building construction, architectural and electrical industries, David Smith is prepared to share his professional insights in this one-hour engaging webinar.

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time:  11 AM-12 Noon CDT
Cost: Free for Members Only – See more at