EV charging station news. SDG&E has just launched their new charging station program, Power Your Drive. On January 28 the California Public Utilities Commission approved for the utility to install 3,500 charging stations at 350 apartments, condos and workplaces. SDG&E is already doing site visits due to the strong response for the charging stations. The utility will own, operate and maintain the equipment, and there is the option to bill the electricity use to the property owner or directly to the driver.

Property owners will have a choice of charging station companies, and the utility is currently in the RFP process for those companies. Customers can sign contracts in November 2016 and start installations in early 2017. Site visits have already begun.

If you are interested in participating in the program email April Bolduc at EV@sdge.com to join the interest list, and visit www.sdge.com/PowerYourDrive to learn how to qualify or just click HERE.