San Diego Commercial Properties Expo Prep Meeting:  If You Missed It, Here’s a Recap:

Associate members have never been so prepared for the San Diego Commercial Properties Expo as they are for this year’s event.  Embarking on the 4th annual expo, Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar and Jessica Kalloch, Bill Howe Plumbing, delivered a “how to” session including trade show etiquette, best (industry approved) practices, success stories and real, live, horror stories from the past.   (Note: for the first time EVER, on Tuesday, March 13, FOUR organizations have joined together to deliver the best expo yet! BOMA San Diego, IFMA San Diego, IREM San Diego and SDBEA!)  Below is a recap of FAQs and tips provided to the group of eager attendees.

  1. Exhibit space is limited so sign up ASAP. If you are an annual sponsor, you have probably already taken advantage of the pre-sale for booths (good job!).  If you are not an annual sponsor, you will get the chance to register on January 22, 2018 at 3pm.  It’s first come first served so don’t procrastinate.
  2. Exhibit booths are 6′ wide and allow only 2 people from your company to run the booth. If you want more people at the expo, you have to buy more booths.  Also, booth displays should NOT infringe on your neighbors’ booths.    Make the most of your space but be respectful of those around you.
  3. One booth is $600 and comes with a 6′ table. There is electricity at some of the booths for an extra $100.  Again, it’s first come first served.  When signing up, select any booth that is listed in green.
  4. BE CREATIVE. The theme is Hollywood.  What does that mean to you?  There will be red carpets leading the attendees down the aisle ways to your booths but how you draw them in is up to you.  For motivation, keep this in mind; there will be prizes for Best Decorated booth, Best Game, and Most Welcoming. 
  5. Follow the Golden Rule and, well, all the rules. Treat your booth neighbors as you would want to be treated.  Don’ t steal swag, don’t steal time (it is precious and intended for property managers, engineers and facility managers) and most of all, load in when you’re supposed to and do not load out early.  Act like your boss is watching and like the professional you are! IFMA supports drinking responsibly.
  6. Sponsorship opportunities can be signed up for AFTER you register and pay for a booth. Once you have paid for your booth, you can contact Barry Garson, J&M Keystone, to grab an ad-on opportunity.  They are limited and again, are first come, first served.
  7. Looking for hashtag ideas. If you have creative ideas for an event hashtag, please submit to Melanie Bamba, or Jessica Kalloch,  Throughout the event, post your photos to facebook or instagram and use the hashtag.

Visit for event information and we’ll see you in Hollywood!

Article by: Karen Trapane, National Sales Director, Forensic Analytical