UC Riverside increases energy conservation efforts

By Vasken Najarian

Researchers from UC Riverside plan on exploring the possibility of placing solar farms on agricultural land in California’s Central Valley, according to a recent press release. The release also speculated on the possibility of placing solar panels away from these farms in order to end the growing competition between the agriculture industry and solar energy industry.

UC Riverside Professor of Plant Pathology and Biology Michael Allen said that this initiative is stemmed by the fact that a majority of solar power sites currently used are in unsuitable areas that interfere with agricultural land use, creating irreversible damage. In order to combat this damage, the researchers turned to four different areas where solar panels could potentially be placed.

The first of these four is in developed areas within the agricultural landscapes, such as the rooftops and parking lots in the respective areas. The second was open, undeveloped land that is too salty for agricultural activity. The third was land contaminated by hazardous chemicals. The fourth and final type of land that was researched was reservoirs and irrigation channels that can accommodate floating solar panels. Read More…