Submitted by: Jessica Kalloch at Bill Howe Plumbing

Q: What is Hydro jetting?
A: Hydro jetting is a method of clearing drain stoppages as well as preventing backups. It uses high pressure water through specially designed jetter nozzles and is a great way to maintain and clean the sanitary waste lines in commercial drain pipes.

Q: When should I consider hydro jetting?
A: Hydro jetting can remove heavy buildup in pipes that have not been maintained, but it is best to use it as a preventative tool. If you are unsure of the pipes conditions, Bill Howe’s experts can advise on the best preventative maintenance schedule to keep the pipes in good shape.

Q: How often should I hydro jet?
A: Our experts recommend hydro jetting commercial buildings at least once a year
depending on usage.

Q: Our building is always so busy. When is hydro jetting usually performed?
A: To minimize tenant disruption, typically we schedule preventative maintenance hydro jetting after hours, but tailor all schedules to the needs of the commercial property.

Q: Who should perform hydro jetting?
A: A drain technician that specializes in commercial buildings. It is important to choose a specialist. Untrained drain technicians could potentially cause damage in large commercial properties.

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