October 2017 Luncheon – Antarctic Mike

Antarctic Mike. Who is he? Mike Pierce, better known as Antarctic Mike, works with organizations that want to find, engage and keep the best performing people. Mike’s background professionally started in the recruiting business in 1997, working specifically to show managers and leaders exactly how to identify and recruit the best people. Mike holds his BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Marketing and resides in Encinitas with his wife.

Today’s luncheon started off with a cold breeze. Antarctic Mike showed up in a full parka, goggles and a beanie and got right to the point.

“Everything today will be simple. Picture and stories. Why? Because the human mind thinks in picture frames, not in words.”

Mike starts off by talking about the gear (that he is wearing today) and wore in Antarctica. He can’t control the elements. But he can control how they are managed. The right gear is just one example of a proactive measure we can take to guard against the enemy.

As a company, you have to ask yourself, what are the proactive measures that you can take to be a better leader? What are the proactive measures your team can take to be effective managers?

Coming from the perspective of an IFMA member, you might be asking yourself what is so special about Antarctic Mike? Mike’s background is as a head hunter. “For 20 years I was a thief”. In his time as a thief, he discovered that the real challenge is with retention. Keeping good people is far more challenging than finding them. As leaders of our own companies, we need to make sure every employee sitting in their chair is engaged on a consistent basis. Once Mike figured this out, he turned away from his role as a head hunter and started teaching leadership courses.

I love it when things are hard and hate it when things are easy. 

Mike proceeds to tell a story about Ernest Shackleton’s discovery and exploration of Antarctica. Why does this matter for the average IFMA member? It’s an allegory to a company’s constant, never ending quest to provide superior leadership and attract and retain good employees. Company’s have to get a candidates attention and give them a reason to leave their current employer. Once they have the right employee, the biggest challenge any company faces is figuring out how to keep them engaged.

One thing that causes employees to disengage is when they’re spending their time and energy on things they can never impact. You want to lose an employee? Mike says tell them to spend all their time trying to move a wall. See how long it lasts.

If you’re the leader, you have to be the catalyst to get employees to want to show up early and stay late. Honoring them and recognizing them is where it counts. The majority of people will tell you that money is the biggest factor, but that’s not the case. Money is often the stated case, not the underlying cause. Here you’ll find that a “thank you” goes a long way. A personalized approach to thanking someone goes even further. Why? Because people respond out of appreciation for the fact that their leader has gone out of their way to thank them, to honor them, to recognize them. You have to be creative as a leader. Bring honor and recognition to the people that do their job well and watch your investment grow exponentially.

Mike proceeds to tell the story of Shackleton and Camp Patience, where Shackleton had all his men give up their personal possessions. If it didn’t aid their survival, it was going in the water. He talks about the difference between inconvenience vs. sacrifice and tugs at everyone’s heart strings by showing an image of the 60(+) dogs the men had to put down in order to survive.

The moral of the story is that leaders are constantly making difficult decisions. Some of the most difficult decisions are with employees, legacy employees in particular. Every single company has one. The person that’s been there since the beginning. The person that was good when they started, but over time, and as their job has evolved, they no longer fit the description. They don’t serve the best interests of the company. But they’re still employed. And a good leader will recognize that the legacy employee has got to go. An effective leader will make the hard choice. Because what happens when a leader isn’t willing and/or able to make a difficult decision? Mutiny.

“Shackleton helped us to see ourselves and the world differently.”

That’s the best, most simplistic definition of a leader. A leader helps you shift the way you see yourself, and the world, so you can do your job more effectively.

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Written and Submitted by Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar



September 2017 Breakfast – Leadership and Values Workshop

In this interactive workshop, we learned how to become a better leader by serving first and extending trust to others.  We received hands-on training as David Suter instructed us on what it means to serve those we lead, and guided us through the steps of discovering our own leadership styles.  We learned how to identify personal core values and develop core values for our teams and organizations.

Our Speaker:

David Suter is passionate about serving and empowering people.  Over the past five years, he has spent a great deal of time researching and studying the different styles of leadership.  He focused on styles that aligned with his desire to help and serve others.  In this pursuit, David began to understand the differences between the management of people and true leadership. and now defines his leadership style as Servant Leadership.

As President of Consolidated Building Systems, Inc., a family-owned project management company originally started by his father, Lou Suter, in 1986, David is now devoted to serving and empowering his staff (referred to as family members).  David works diligently on developing these skills with his team, and supporting them to become the leaders that he knows they can be.  David joined CBSI in 1998, and has been business partners with his father since 2004.   David has over 25 years of experience in Facilities Management, Project Management and Relocation Planning.

Please feel free to review the following from the event:


Presentation Video Recording


September 2017 Luncheon – Trends Influencing the Workplace

This month we had an open forum discussion that focused on the dynamic role of work and its effects on the workplace.   We examined trends that drive change and discovered how the workplace is impacted providing critical insights and understanding in preparing for and aligning with four generations working in the office today.  This interactive Facilities Discussion included an overview of Social, Technology, Economic and Environmental identifiable trends.

Our Speaker:

Working in the FF&E industry for over 28 years, Sue Ann Mitchell has experience in learning about different ways of working, how to increase productivity and trends that apply to workspaces.  Sue Ann is CEU certified in Well Building, Competing Culture Values, and Workplace Trends 3.0 Courses.  Sue Ann’s involvement with IFMA San Diego and serving on the Educational Committee, keeps her abreast of local workplace trends and challenges effecting facility teams from the Navy to private corporations to higher education.

Guest speaking engagements include IIDA, Biocom, and IFMA Continuing Education classes in San Diego to UCI Division of Continuing Education for the IFMA Orange County chapter.  As the Territory Manager in San Diego for Haworth, Sue Ann supports the Haworth Dealer team, Cultura, to help clients realize their strategic workplace objectives identifying culture, work styles, and trends that aligns to key business drivers for all types of organizations.

Please feel free to review the following from the event:


Presentation Video Recording

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August 2017 Educational Breakfast – Networking for Results

One day after giving a great presentation on building LinkedIn relations at our monthly luncheon, speaker Michael Hughes joined us at a educational breakfast at Rancho Bernardo Inn to go deeper into networking, including how to speak to people at our own networking events. This was a very interactive session with group participation, meeting new people, and a lot of good networking. Check out the PowerPoint from the breakfast here.


August 2017 Luncheon – Build Powerful LinkedIn Relations

IFMA San Diego’s Luncheon was fun and inspirational.


3 new IFMA Members were introduced today.

#IFMASD Raffle for the upcoming events.

IFMA SD’s Painting Party on August 18th from 8 AM – 12 PM, sign up with Vicky Cate/Rachel Willis

Speaker: Michael Hughes

Networking is defined as the intentional process of creating and processing relationships.

To achieve great networking you must choose only one social network.

LinkedIn compared to Facebook and Twitter is the most popular option to network with professionals around the world.

Michael mentions the 3 biggest online network obstacles include;

  1. Technology (Ex. Below minimum experience creating and editing a LinkedIn Profile)
  2. Communication (Ex. Quick and straight to the point, no personal conversation/connection)
  3. Fear (Ex. Fear of contacting someone you don’t know and not receiving a reply back)

Michael continues on and speaks about the 3 ways to building a more powerful profile;

  1. Value & Target Market
  2. Consistency & Credibility
  3. 3-5 Second Window (quick glance at your basic profile)

Last but not least Michael covers the Online Networking Success strategies. The 5 C’s;

  1. Clarity
  2. Courage
  3. Communication
  4. Commitment
  5. Collaboration

All in all, creating a goal focused LinkedIn profile and grabbing the courage to reach out to new people will help pave the road to successfully building a great LinkedIn profile and network.

Please feel free to review the following from the event:


Presentation Video Recording


Jimmy Yen HS Excerpt written by Jimmy Yen, Quintiles  



July 2017 Luncheon – Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Flu Epidemics, Disease, Terrorist Threats…are you prepared to manage these scenarios and keep your facilities open for business? Dr. Stephen Baruch discussed how IFMA members can respond and recover effectively, in the event of significant business interruptions. Dr. Baruch discussed preparedness and mitigation efforts, which protect employees, and customers, as well as increasing the protection of assets and improving business recovery. This informative and interactive presentation was designed to apply to all-hazards, since important elements of an emergency response and recovery plan are similar. Also discussed was the importance of having a life safety, emergency response, and business continuity program integrated into a company’s proven practices.

Our Speaker:

Dr. Stephen B. Baruch, is a 20+ year private and public sector expert in Business Continuity. He started his consulting practice after designing and implementing Genentech’s BCP Program as their Senior Manager. Stephen is presently working with Occupational Services, Inc. (“OSI”) a firm that provides best practices in the areas of environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, radiation safety, industrial hygiene, emergency response, and business continuity management. Stephen also continues to consult with Stanford University’s Office of Real Estate, as well as the San Jose Water Company. Other past clients include Space Systems Loral, Stanford Management Company, Facebook, D.W. Morgan, Inc., Netflix, Celera, and San Mateo Office of Emergency Services. Dr. Baruch has a proven record of success evaluating his clients’ capabilities, assessing their business continuity and disaster recovery status, while also providing updated strategies, project documentation, public/private partnership coordination, training and exercises. A former Commissioned Officer in the United States Public Health Service, Stephen received his Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering from UCLA and received a Masters Degree in Public Health from Yale University (MPH) and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California (MPA).

See a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here.

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June 2017 Luncheon – Parking Problems! Solutions & Troubleshooting

Parking is a challenge that nearly every business faces in San Diego, especially Facility Managers and building owners who need to accommodate customers AND employees. At this luncheon, we explored parking lot design for new and existing facilities, how to determine the required and right number of parking spaces, and discussed best practices for addressing your parking headaches.

We investigated:

  • Costs
  • Zoning requirements
  • Sustainable design
  • Parking options
  • Special parking features

Our Speaker:

Michael Wilson, Senior Job Captain, BIM Manager; Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects
Michael received a Bachelor of Architecture and Minor in Urban Studies from the New School of Architecture and Design. During his 13 years in the industry he has gained experience working on a wide range of project types, from high profile government facilities to single family residential, focusing many years on government (industrial facilities, housing, headquarters, and community amenities) and design-build projects. Most recently Michael just finished a 26 acre, 392,000 SF Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Campus where he led the master planning, Entitlements, site design and construction administration efforts.

Please feel free to review the following from the event:


Presentation Video Recording


May 2017 – Intuit Tour

The Intuit Campus, located in Carmel Valley, serves as regional headquarters for Intuit’s consumer Turbo Tax group, which includes up to 1,500 employees. Purchased in 2016 for $262M and designed by the architectural firm of Hanna Gabriel Wells, the ultra-modern stone and glass office complex is on an 11.2 acre complex and includes four five-story buildings linked together by a central pedestrian promenade. Amenities include lushly landscaped grounds with water elements, outdoor dining and meeting areas, a large fitness and recreation area, and a grass amphitheater.

The campus offers a plethora of modern amenities like any standard Silicon Valley-esque tech company: weekly mobile salon service, car detailing, on-site oil changes, oh and a 24/7 gym complete with fitness classes, beach volleyball and a basketball court. It’s no wonder the TurboTax division has been ranked #1 best-selling tax software for the past 25 years.[1] They’ve even have a partially subsidized Starbucks coffee bar in their cafeteria.

Notable highlights of the tour:

  • The campus boasts the ever-popular Bloom Energy fuel cell.
  • Employees can submit photos that hang in the walls throughout each building. Intuit also sells these photos and proceeds benefit Toys 4 Tots!

Other awesome amenities:

[1] https://turbotax.intuit.com/best-tax-software/why-choose-turbotax/

Submitted by Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar



May 2017 Luncheon – “Does Your Workplace Reflect Your Workstyle?”

For the May luncheon, we had Gensler sharing current work styles, trends and various projects examples covering key workplace drivers.   This interactive and informative presentation addressed how and why various office layouts work, and how they might apply to your workplace.  Some topics included:

  • Flexible work environments that transform internal business processes
    Integrating personal device use to connect with each other, clients, and the market
  • Improving organizational engagement by providing  autonomous teams with open collaboration space
  • Supporting wellness through the health of work settings
  • Day to day work is blurring time and space.  How can we provide a collage of settings and approaches that help people transition from mode to mode as they shift gears between complex, work-related problems and lifestyle pursuits

Our Speakers:

Ralph S. Linder, AIA:  Ralph Linder has more than 25 years of professional experience in architecture and interiors.  Ralph is one of five office directors in San Diego office responsible for project leadership and business development for the 95-person office. As a native San Diegan, Ralph brings Gensler San Diego a wealth of community knowledge and past relationships to assist in growing San Diego’s practice areas.  Many of the projects that Ralph is involved in require up front visioning and programming efforts to set the tone for the design delivery by the Gensler team.  Culture and the company’s DNA are typically part of those discussions. Ralph’s recent work includes projects for top clients such as LPL Financial, Janssen, Renovate America, ViaSat, SDG&E and The US Navy. He also has worked with many technology clients in the past like Microsoft, Nokia, Time Warner and Cymer.

Stacy Cannon, AIA:  Stacy has more than 17 years of professional experience in Facilities, architecture and interiors with a focus on corporate workplace.  She is co-leader of the local Gensler San Diego work studio managing office operations as well as acting as a senior workplace project manager for the office.   Her idea of a successful project blends form and function to create a space that makes the end user work better. Stacy prides herself in her attention to detail as a manager and enjoys the challenge of balancing budget and schedule needs with the overall design. Her expertise in the field allows her to lead the process at all levels from start to finish. Stacy’s recent projects include design for clients such as Alexandria Real Estate, CBRE and Viasat. 

View a copy of the presentation here.

View the video recording of the presentation here.

steve-milinkevich-60x82Submitted by Steve Milinkevich, Corovan Moving & Storage



April 2017 Educational Breakfast – Organizational Culture

For an April breakfast, we experienced a non-typical PowerPoint driven boring presentation!  If you were looking for lots of interaction and fun while learning about organizational culture and how it contributes to a company’s sense of order, continuity and community, you were in luck!

During this interactive workshop and card game we:

  • Acquired a high-level understanding of Organizational Culture.
  • Understood how and why cultures differ with various organizations
  • Demonstrated how organizational culture can inform the design of the workplace
  • Discussed physical attributes of the space for both individual and group work 

Our Speaker
Doug SitzesDoug Sitzes is a Senior Workplace Strategist for Haworth Workplace Strategies.  His 25 year career has taken many paths all focused on one thing; helping clients discover their best possible solution. Doug’s degree is in Architecture focusing on Design Theory which has allowed him to fluidly support clients at various scales, scopes, and complexities. He brings a multi-disciplined approach to his work that focuses on bringing together design + strategy. By focusing on solving client issues, with a research based methodology I develop workplace strategies that align organizational goals, facility constraints & human needs. Ultimately creating spaces and solutions that are informed, thoughtful, and productive.


April 2017 Luncheon – Lighten Up! The Costs & Benefits of Artificial Lighting

In our April luncheon, IFMA Associate, Stacy Hoffman, took the audience through an overview of artificial light as we’ve known it, how to reduce the cost of lighting, how to maximize lighting attributes to benefit human occupants, and how emerging technologies are completely changing how we use lighting hardware.  Stacy also briefly outlined the energy code as it applies to lighting systems.

Additionally we featured a Lighting Fair , sponsored by SDG&E, where luncheon attendees were able to purchase deeply discounted LED lighting.  Lighting specifics and prices will be announced in April.

Our Speaker:  Stacy Hoffman began her career over 27 years ago as an electrical wholesaler and moved quickly into what would become her life’s passion:  Lighting.  Stacy’s experience includes representing major lighting manufacturers including GE, both as a factory representative and as manufacturer’s agent.  For the last eight years Stacy has focused exclusively on managing and reducing energy use, with a strong emphasis on lighting. Her belief is that properly applied lighting strategies not only have tremendous potential for energy savings, but can enhance the productivity and quality of life for humans and animals alike.  Stacy has won several awards for outstanding service to her clients, is CALCTP certified and is an Associate of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

View the slide show presentation here.

View the video recording of the presentation here.


February 2017 Luncheon – “The Intersection Between People and the Built Environment”

Live from New York, it’s Whitney Austin Gray, Phd!  

For February’s luncheon, IFMA San Diego was excited to host Dr Gray, who traveled from Delos’ headquarters in New York City to present at our San Diego February 8thluncheon.  Dr. Gray explored with us the intersection between people and the built environment, how Delos helps creates spaces that actively contribute to human health, performance and well-being by marrying the best innovations in technology, health, science, design and enterprise. The built environment can be an asset to maximize human potential.  We learned how we can provide environments that enhance us– that are both proactive and reactive – to live better by cultivating healthy lifestyle choices and helping prevent health problems before they begin.

Our Speaker 
At Delos, Dr. Gray is responsible for the oversight of health research, development of innovative design strategies and products that seek to improve human health and wellness through building design. Prior to joining Delos, Dr. Gray served as the Health Research and Innovation Director for Cannon Design.  She holds dual appointments as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Georgetown School of Nursing & Health Studies.  Dr. Gray’s efforts have been widely published, and she is an invited presenter at national and international conferences.  Dr. Gray co-founded the NIH Health in Buildings Roundtable and  received her PhD from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and her BA in Public Health Studies from The Johns Hopkins University.  She was the first public health professional to become LEED AP.

Check out the presentation here.


January 2017 – Leverage Your Beverage at Cultura

It was a packed house at last night’s Leverage Your Beverage! Guests arrived early and the party was in full swing right from the start!

Held at Cultura, formerly known as Unisource Solutions, the venue provided a beautiful location centrally located in University City. The furniture dealership supports a progressive style of service. They’ve partnered with more than 300 companies to build spaces that support their business, people, and culture – and they definitely did the same for our chapter!

In addition to hosting the evening’s Leverage Your Beverage, Cultura also provided their conference room for the first Round Table of 2017. Ty Smith, Founder and CEO of Vigilance Risk Solutions and former Navy Seal, and his team prepared an exciting Active Shooter Presentation for a room full of facility managers. Once they finished up, the entire group came out to join the real party.

Service providers, facility managers and property managers alike enjoyed yummy bites & beverages and a surprise wine tasting presentation by former IFMA San Diego member Renee Buccelletti. Renee and her family were in full force, presenting the wine from their vineyard in Italy, Casali in Val de Chio by Famiglia Buccelletti.

The night was a great success and we are thrilled with the turnout! We’d like to extend a big thank you to the night’s event sponsors – without them, none of this would have been possible:

Event Sponsors:

Alexander’s Mobility Services

ID Studios

Frontier Communications

Ware Malcolmb


Submitted by Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar



January FM Roundtable – Active Shooter Training

Once a quarter, IFMA San Diego brings together our facility managers (known as professional members) for an exclusive meeting to speak freely among their peers in what we call the the FM Roundtable.

Usually, what is shared in these private events is not presented outside the Roundtable. However, for this event, the topic of Active Shooter created quite a stir and we have decided to share it with the chapter.

Ty Smith, Founder of Vigilance Risk Solutions, has offered his presentation to us for sharing. Please find the whole slide show here.


January Luncheon – Transformational Leadership

Our Speaker
Mike Patrick is responsible for Sales Leader Education for Milliken, leading the contract sales effort for all education sales in North America.  Mike works extensively with School Districts, Public Library Systems, and Architectural Firms.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Textile Marketing from Clemson University and resides in South Carolina.

Imagine that your company is being challenged like never before with the double whammy of outdated technology and antiquated leadership.  Yes, we’re talking about Milliken, one of the oldest and largest textile companies in the world. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the textile industry was experiencing tremendous change and companies either had to adapt or close their doors.  Learn about how Roger Milliken led the company through dramatic change by embracing Transformational Leadership theory. The ability to lead change allowed Milliken to not only survive but to thrive in a dying textile industry.  Embracing the transformation ensured the continued success of the organization.   Mike shared the specific actions that the company made to shift their momentum.

Mike’s slide show can be viewed here.

You can also check out the whole presentation on video on the IFMA San Diego YouTube channel here.


Submitted by Steve Milinkevich, Corovan Moving & Storage