January 2018 Luncheon – Gazing Into The Crystal Ball

Real Estate futurist Christopher Lee, president and CEO of CEL & Associates, one of the nation’s leading real estate consulting and advisory firms, shared his insights on the various changes and major drivers that are shaping the real estate and facilities management industries.  Chris reviewed the forces and changes that are and will be reshaping our landscape, including:

  •  Headlines you will likely see over the next several years
  • 30 transformative events simultaneously taking place that are reshaping the real estate industry
  • An insider’s view on when this real estate cycle will end and the timing and primary drivers of our next cycle
  • The long-term outlook for office and industrial facility assets
  • Insights on the changing nature of work
  • Exciting 2025 predictions that could reshape the facilities industry

Our Speaker

Christopher Lee is President and CEO of CEL & Associates, Inc., one of the nation’s leading real estate consulting and advisory firms. Mr. Lee’s firm, founded in 1994, has provided strategic advice, management, compensation, organizational/operational and investment services to over 500 real estate firms in North America.

 Mr. Lee is recognized as the real estate industry’s leading “Real Estate Futurist,” and Advisor to real estate companies nationwide for over 30 years. He is a frequent contributor to national journals and a keynote speaker at real estate conferences. Mr. Lee correctly predicted the last two real estate cycles with those insights providing valuable guideposts to clients and industry leaders. Mr. Lee authored a book entitled Transformational Leadership in the New Age of Real Estate, which is now in its second edition, as well as From Good To Great To Outstanding, A Real Estate Leader’s Guide To Optimal Performance. Mr. Lee is active in the Urban Land Institute, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and active in many other real estate organizations including NAIOP, BOMA, IREM, NMHC, ICSC and has been a presenter at many North American real estate conferences. Mr. Lee’s national newsletter, Strategic Advantage, is now received by approximately 14,000 senior leaders within real estate companies…and he recently released his 100 Predictions For The Real Estate Industry in 2025.

Presentation Video

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February 2018 Luncheon – Your Number One Goal

Most people have big goals but very few people reach them. They often know exactly what is required for success but fail to implement what they know they should be doing. Knowing what you want isn’t enough! Success requires action and perseverance.

The #1 reason people fail to accomplish their goals has to do with their motivation. You can achieve anything in this world if your “why” is strong enough. The formula to success is simple, if your “reasons” are stronger than your excuses you can do anything. But, if your excuses are stronger than your reasons you don’t stand a chance! In this engaging keynote based off of Jake’s book “Your Number One Goal,” Jake will help your team find their why so they can crush any goal and take their productivity to the next level.

Our Speaker

As a young student Jake was considered “learning disabled” and did not read a book until he was 18. Through the help of great mentors and a commitment to succeed he was able to overcome his challenges and went from being a kid that could barely read and barely graduated high school to a successful college graduate, professional musician, motivational speaker and author.