Ben Friesen, President at GCThomas, Inc.

Ben Friesen August 2015 IFMA Spotlight photoWhat Is The Most Influential Book You Ever Read And Why?

The Bible. The more I read it, the more I’m convinced it is relevant to every aspect of our lives. It’s ‘…a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.’

What Was The Best Advice You Ever Received In Your Career?

An old mentor once told me when I first started out… “Do what you say you’re going to do.” It’s harder than it sounds. There are times I find myself getting out of bed at night to send a follow up that I promised someone. I don’t always do this perfectly, but it’s something I strive for every day.

What Is Your Personal Secret To Success Or Personal Motto?

“Be resolutely and faithfully what you are, be humbly what you aspire to be.” ~Thoreau

What Is Your Favorite Hobby And Why?

I love chasing my 5 kids around…reading to them, playing guitar for them at night, being “Dad” is often the most rewarding part about my day…

How Do You “De-Stress”?

Black coffee, dark beer, good music, a great book, date night with my wife, and digging in our garden…

How Many People Does Your Business Employ?


How Long Have You Lived In SD. If Not A Native Where Did You Live Before And And What Brought You To This City?

All my life…born at SHARP Grossmont in La Mesa. With the exception of 3.5 years for college (Quick stay in Los Angeles), I’ve always lived here.

Is There Any Specific Fields Of Work That You Would Like To See Join IFMA That We Don’t Have Members In Now?

As the membership co-chair, can I say “EVERYONE???” I think I would like to see more of our local hospitality groups attend…hotels, conference/convention spaces, we have such a rich hospitality history here in San Diego, and I’d like to see more FM’s in Hospitality join us! Big shout out to David Homa for always attending when he can and representing for the hospitality folks! We need more members like him…(maybe you should interview him next…)