The Ambassador Committee is Co-Chaired By:
Kelly Afsahi, Founder/CEO of Biozenic, LLC
Glen Bartolini, Business Development Manager, Commercial Cleaning Services

Tell us how the Ambassador Committee came to be.

We started it off in the membership committee. Within membership, and within IFMA as a whole, the chapter was missing this critical component. We wanted ambassadors to welcome new members and potential members, and although the membership committee already does this, the board wanted a specific committee to welcome attendees, regardless of what committee was putting on the event. The idea was to make that support consistent across all events and committees.

The committee is co-chaired by Kelly & Glen, and they are definitely looking for new ambassadors to join them. When asked to describe their ideal ambassador, this is what they had to say:

Ideally, it could be any associate, but we’d also love to have Facility Managers be a part of this program to help welcome in other FMs. All that we require is that they are welcoming, nice and really enthusiastic about what IFMA is doing.

We don’t want there to be any misconceptions here, it’s easy to be an ambassador. If you’re already at a luncheon, why not help out? You have two options, if you’re planning on attending an event, reach out to Kelly or Glen to let them know you’d like to serve as an ambassador for that specific event, or you can sign up to join the committee and they will assign you to events.

It’s a simple, fun way to increase your networking and to make a valuable connection with at least one person at every single event, whether it’s an associate or a facility manager.

What’s your main goal at the end of the day?

Our job is to engage them within the first two minutes of being at any IFMA event. We don’t want them hiding in the corner pretending to be on their phones. We don’t want them to be uncomfortable. We want them to feel welcome.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Kelly or Glen.


Written and Submitted by Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar