Heather Collins, Servpro La Jolla


How did you end up in facility management or the position that you are in?

I started out as a residential property manager and got my real estate license to over-see 20 beach properties when I got out of college at UCSD.   From there I moved into a Community Manager position.   This was a challenging position, working with many community associations and business park associations.   After a few years I knew that I didn’t want to do this as my career and was offered a position with one of my vendors, as an office manager which lead to the Marketing and Sales Manager.   That is where I ended up staying, in the landscape industry, for over 20 years until I made a move to Servpro of La Jolla to work in the emergency restoration field.   Working as a business partner for property managers and facility managers has been great and has brought me a vast network of many long term friends and business partners.

What is your favorite after hours hobby and why?

Tennis, tennis, tennis!    I started league tennis 2 years ago and absolutely love it.  Being outdoors playing a competitive sport is not only a great de-stresser and form of exercise, but bonding with team members has been most rewarding and I have made some new best friends.

If anyone loves to play, hit me up and we can go to the La Costa Resort and have lunch or happy hour after!

What has been the most important aspect that has contributed to your success?

The most important aspect that has contributed to my success has been my sincerity in wanting to promote great service at fair pricing and being there to help out when issues arise.   My clients know this and trust that I work for companies that I can put my trust in and which will back me up when they come to me for help.   I have loyal clients that I have known since day 1 working in this industry.

What is the biggest challenge you or your company faces?

The biggest challenge my company faces is the inability to plan new jobs.  We obviously never know when a mainline is going to break, a bathtub is going to over-flow, or when a toilet line slow leak suddenly appears 4 floors down.   Being an individual franchise in a national company does have its advantages though.   If there is a very large loss or if we just get too many jobs at once, we can partner with other Servpro offices and even have the national team help out.   As far as our clients are concerned though, they are just dealing with one team…Servpro La Jolla.

How many people does your business employ? 

We have 10 employees

How long have you lived in SD.  if not a native where did you live before and and what brought you to this city?

I was born and raised in San Diego.   I grew up in Poway with horses, cats, and dogs and moved to Encinitas over 15 years ago.

Are there any specific fields of work that you would like to see join IFMA that we don’t have members in now?

I would love for the facility managers to make suggestions of whom they use that are not members of IFMA so we can market to these companies and ask them to join!