James Gonsalves, CFM, SFP,

PPO Zone Manager, San Diego Unified School District

James Gonsalves

What Is the Most Influential Book You Ever Read And Why?

The Federalist

The Federalist is a compilation of 85 newspaper essays written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay on the importance of the Constitution.  The “Papers” reveal the intent of the Founding Fathers when writing the Constitution.  If you regularly watch the nightly news you should have a copy of “The Federalist” on your coffee table ready for reference.   Your news watching will never be the same.  Need an example?  Just watch the news tonight and recall the 16 words from this Alexander Hamilton quote from the Federalist……

“Divide et impera must be the motto of every nation that either hates or fears us.”

… It’s never been more applicable then it is today.  Just watch the news.

What Was The Best Advice You Ever Received In Your Career?

There never seems to be enough time to do things right but there’s always enough time to do something over.

How Do You “De-Stress”


Travel is a big commitment and allows me the opportunity to apply a life time of skills toward completing a very specific mission focused solely on me and or my travel companions.  The more remote the better. Once the wheels are up the last thing on my mind is work, it can’t be.  You can’t be present in two worlds at once and expect to achieve success of the mission.  Wherever we next touch down we have to find the correct transport, to get us to the correct neighborhood, to get us to the correct accommodation, miss this and we are all sleeping rough tonight.

What Is One Of The Oddest Resources You Have Needed During Your Career  And Explain?

A very large Oilskin tarp.

While working in the tuna fishing industry the assistant engineer and I were assigned the task of replacing a damaged 8” diameter flexible coupling while being under way.  The 6” long flexible coupling connected the raw water heat exchangers of the high pressure refrigeration system to the sea.  The only control valve was many feet downstream from the coupling so without an upstream valve, removing the coupling would scuttle the ship.  Most ships carry Oilskin material to be used to cover blown hatchway covers.  Some tarpaulins are so large that during a hull breach they can be thrown off the bow, keel hauled to the hull penetration and cinched up tight against the hull like a giant waterproof diaper, staunching the flow of water enough to make repairs.  Of course we never found an Oilskin large enough to make the repair and yes, the ship is now sitting on the bottom, somewhere in the Eastern Pacific.

What Is The Best And Worst Aspect Of The Technological Advances In Your Career?

What ever happened to the concept that computers were going to eliminate the need for paper, the so called “The Paperless Society”?  I’ve never seen so much paper as I do today.  That’s got to be one of the worst results of technology.  What really excites me about the future of technology in Facilities Management is the concept of “Smart”.  The future exploitation of “The Internet of Things” will be the next great ethos of our industry.  How will IPv6, 6LoWPAN, and remote telemetry change the way Facility Managers do their job?  I can’t wait for my toaster to alert me to EDM in motor bearings.

How Many People Does Your Business Employ?


How Long Have You Lived In SD.  If Not A Native Where Did You Live Before And And What Brought You To This City?

Born and raised in Loma Portal.

Is There Any Specific Fields Of Work That You Would Like To See Join IFMA That We Don’t Have Members In Now?

Sports Facilities, more K-12 Education and Maritime.