July Spotlight – Katie Blizzard Kiedrowski, Director of Marketing & Business Development
Four Seasons Tree Care, Inc.

Katie Blizzard

What Is The Most Influential Book You Ever Read And Why?
The Bhagavad Gita or The Brothers Karamazov.  Both books deal with how to live a happy life by focusing on doing things for others.  They are full of wisdom that I try to take with me into every day.

What Has Been The Greatest Challenge You’ve Experienced In Your Career?
Self-doubt.  To me, a positive mental state is the most important thing in pursuing one’s goals. 

What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve At Your Job?
Meetings not starting on time.

How Do You “De-Stress”?
Yoga, podcasts, baking, and jigsaw puzzles.

What Is Your Personal Secret To Success Or Personal Motto?
“It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.” -Victor Frankl.  When we focus on bringing good into the world and helping others, happiness follows.

How Many People Does Your Business Employ?
Approximately 50, but it depends on the season.

How Long Have You Lived In SD.  If Not A Native Where Did You Live Before And And What Brought You To This City?
I was born in Illinois and moved to Oceanside at age 5 with my mom because my grandma lived here.  I graduated from Oceanside High and later lived in Western Massachusetts and Buenos Aires, Argentina before returning to San Diego.

Is There Any Specific Fields Of Work That You Would Like To See Join IFMA That We Don’t Have Members In Now?
Not that I can think of.