Facility Spotlight – March 2016

Mission Federal Credit Union – How they select and rehab properties

CMR BEFORE (see bottom of post for after):
East view 2

  1. What operations does your company house here?

Mission Fed has 32 locations:  30 retail branches, one corporate office and one operations center.  And we’re growing!

  1. How many people work in the facility?

Approximately 500

  1. How many square feet is the facility?

Over 200,000 sf. combined.

  1. What makes the facility unique?

One of our strategic strengths is locating run down properties in the right markets and then rehabilitating and designing the space to meet Mission Fed’s corporate real estate standards.  We’re like Fixer Upper on HGTV, but for a financial institution!

  1. What recreation options do you give employees if any?

Our branches are pretty lean, but we design a very nicely appointed lunchroom where they can catch up on their TV watching or do their personal computing.  Most of our branches are located in or near retail centers so there are lots of shopping at restaurant choices.  Our corporate office has a gym, onsite Deli, Yoga classes, dry cleaning and shoe repair services, etc.  We also coordinate food trucks to serve our employees.

  1. What food options do you give employees if any?

See above.

  1. How long has the facility been open?

Our locations range from 30 years to just a couple of weeks old!

  1. What are the major differences between this and your last facility?

Every project is different.  San Carlos represents a complete exterior makeover, which has been fun.  Once complete the building won’t look anything like it did when we took possession.

  1. What does a typical workstation have at this facility?

It varies by job function, but most have similarly appointed layouts.  Our tellers stand or sit on teller stools, and sit to stand desks are becoming more popular for our corporate office and operations center.

  1. What efforts does the facility make to conserve?

Mission Fed has a very robust sustainability plan ranging from LED lighting, to water wise landscaping, energy management, recycling of all kinds of materials and beyond.  We are constantly seeking new opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and be an good sustainable community partner.


North mfcu


San Carlos Before