Global Real Estate and Facilities Manager, Active Network


Brian has been with Active Network for two years as the global Real Estate & Facilities Manager. Prior to Active, he was with Klinedinst PC law firm for four years and with GMAC Mortgage for three years before that. Brian is an avid live aboard sailor in his spare time and is just about to pick up tennis again after many years away from the game.

What is the most influential book you ever read? Why?

How to Make Money in Stocks. It has allowed me to rapidly increase my personal wealth and secure a financial future outside of a traditional employer sponsored retirement plan.

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to performing your job? Explain.

Power outages, mechanical failures or other such business disruptions tend to occur when you are out on vacation.

What was the greatest challenge you experienced in your career?

Facing this challenge now as our company was bought out by a private equity firm last year and currently spinning off a division to another entity and making other rapid changes to our real estate portfolio with unrealistic timeframes.

What is your biggest pet peeve at your job?

Lack of resources.

How did you end up in facility management? OR, if you are a service provider – How did you end up in this field?

It was a progression for me as I am naturally curious by nature and constantly seeking new and larger challenges. I have previously worked for service providers focusing on very task specific duties within Facilities projects. I then changed over to design in order to manage Facilities projects at a high level with a finite schedule. Through this progression I discovered it is the entire life cycle of Facilities I enjoy the most from acquisition of real estate to disposition of real estate and managing the process and resources it takes between these steps. Not to mention the cyclical nature.

What is your favorite “after hours” hobby? Why?

Sailing. By far the most peaceful and relaxing way to de-stress after a long week.

What is the best and worst aspect of the technological advances in your career?

Best is the instant and mobile availability of information and resources. It is a double edged sword as this is also the worst aspect since it sets the expectation for 24/7 availability. Our society is now used to instant availability and this can be difficult to manage when dealing with 9 month timeframes to find and turn up new offices.

If you could delegate one thing that is constantly on your plate, what duty would that be and why?

Procurement administration. From generating purchase orders to thorough invoice approvals.

What is your personal secret to success or personal motto?

Trust your instincts as they are usually correct.

What is your favorite time of the year and why?

Summer time because the air and water are warm for sailing and swimming.