Project Manager at Corovan Moving & Storage


Corovan is a facilities support company that specializes in moves and reconfigurations. From project management and space planning to furniture decommissioning, and everything in between, Corovan is the one-stop shop for anything related to corporate transitions, both large and small. Corovan engineers workplace change.

What was the greatest challenge you’ve ever experienced in your career?

Knowing when to cut my losses and move on. I owned a window covering business for 8 years. During the housing boom of the early 2000’s, business was thriving, and I was hiring like crazy. I couldn’t even believe how easy it was to make money and build a real company. I mean, I was a 22 year old “kid” with 35 people working for me. As the economy turned and I had to shrink my work force smaller and smaller, I had an extremely hard time eventually “letting go” and calling it quits, hoping it would bounce back. 6 years later, I can’t believe I ever hung on that long.

What is your favorite after hours hobby and why?

Outdoor exercise. I have a great deal of types: mud runs, mountain biking, trail running, snowboarding. I can’t be stuck inside long or I feel cramped and suffocated (probably why I love being in the field so much in my job). Whatever the exercise is, I expect it to be difficult, exciting, and possibly slightly dangerous!

How do you de-stress?

Fitness. I know how this is beginning to sound: “This guy is some sort of gym nut”. Not TOTALLY true. But seriously, it does not matter what level of fitness you are. Just going out and getting your heart rate up, free of work or personal stressors, is incredibly therapeutic. Oh, and this is SOOO important: Turn on the DO NOT DISTURB on your phone!

What is your company’s most important commodity or service?

People dislike moving and hate change. And movers often get all lumped in as day laborers just moving furniture. Corovan does things different. I think the strongest part of Corovan is the longevity and experience brought from our workforce. We have movers that have been here for 40 years; admin people who have been here for over 30. People don’t stay at a place that long unless you have an atmosphere that would warrant such commitment to one firm. We have an incredible team here with a huge amount of experience all working together for a common goal. It is truly unique.

What is your personal secret to success or personal motto?

Like most people, I started working young at low-paying hourly jobs, like car washes, fast food and sit down restaurants. I learned a lot during that time, from time management to leadership skills. But the number ONE thing I learned is that most people do not work hard. Especially when not getting paid well. I quickly learned that if I work harder than everyone else, I would no longer be getting paid like everyone else. Harder work equals higher pay. Simply put, that’s how I live now.

How many people does your business employ?

Our field force fluctuates slightly, but statewide, Corovan employees about 860 people.

How long have you lived in SD? If not a native where did you live before and what brought you to this city?

I’ve been in San Diego since 1983…well sort of. I left for school to Cal Poly Pomona, opened my business in Riverside County, and finally made it back about 7 years ago.

Are there any specific fields of work that you would like to see join IFMA that we don’t have members in now?

I think IFMA San Diego has a great spread from education to technology. I think if we would focus any more, it would be in laboratories and medicine, which are such a huge part of the San Diego community. Maybe facility professionals that are in the military would also be great adds. Their facility management experience is so unique (and sheltered), that I think we all can all learn from each other.