Molly Margallo, Director of Facilities, General Atomics


What Is The Most Influential Book You Ever Read And Why?

Jim Gillin (my boss at Transamerica) told me to find out your bosses biggest pet peeve and make sure you don’t do it.

How Did You End Up In Facility Management Or The Position That You Are In?

I was working in my first design job after college and my boss at the time told me about a girl he trained that got a job as a Facilities Manager at a major company.  I wondered what a Facilities Manager was, so when I saw an ad for an interior design position within a Facilities Management department, it sounded like the perfect position for me to work for a major corporation.

What Is Your Personal Secret To Success Or Personal Motto?

Ask questions until you get answers that make sense to you and that give you an understanding so that you can explain it to someone else.

What Has Been The Most Important Aspect That Has Contributed To Your Success?

Understand what your staff does and always be willing to work as hard as you ask them to work.

What Is The Biggest Challenge You Or Your Company Faces?

Finding staff with the right skill set and experience and retaining that staff.

How Many People Does Your Business Employ?

GA&A has about 300 Facilities staff members.

How Long Have You Lived In SD.  If Not A Native Where Did You Live Before And And What Brought You To This City?

I am a native San Diegan.  I lived in Sasebo, Japan for about 3 years from age 4-7 and went to College in LA and then lived in various Cities in LA after college for 5 years until. After having our first daughter, we decided to move back home.