Sherry Perkins, Supervisor Facilities Services, Organogenesis Inc.

What is the Most Influential Book You Ever Read and Why?

Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles. This book is about excellent customer service. The reason it is very influential is because we use these principles in our facilities department.  Our customers encompass the entirety of management and employees.  We strive to do more than what is considered a good job by providing premium service plus 1% to our customers.  Knowing this we raise the level of how we are perceived by management.

What was the Best Advice You Ever Received in Your Career?  

I was told by a Facility Manager from another company that Facilities was not a good career choice for women and he personally would never hire one.  He said they would never rank more than an admin.  This piece of advice, did not achieve it’s intended result.  After he walked away, I said “Watch me”.  I am grateful to women like Lisa Chappell, VP of Facilities Management for setting the example for other women like me to achieve greatness.

What has Been the Greatest Challenge You’ve Experienced in Your Career?

The facility manager at my former company took me outside one day and told me he was going out on permanent disability in one month and was handing me, his coordinator, EHS, Security and Facilities…oh yeah and we had six corporate and regulatory audits coming up towards the end of the year.  Sounds like a plot for a novel or TV series.  He told me he believed in me.  I was determined I would not let him down.  I took over all three departments, passed every audit and even received praise from management.  I would never receive his title but the experience was invaluable.

What Is Your Personal Secret to Success or Personal Motto?

In my group I use the analogy that we are like stage managers in a theatrical production.  The better we do our jobs supporting the actors, the better they can do their jobs in satisfying the audience.  If the audience is thrilled with our work they will keep coming back and we all make money.
What Has Been the Most Important Aspect That has Contributed to Your Success? 

My irrepressible enthusiasm to take on any task and master it.

How Many People Does Your Business Employ?


How Long Have You Lived In SD.  If Not A Native Where Did You Live Before and What Brought You To This City?

I have lived in San Diego for almost 27 years.  Before that I was raised in a little city by Compton, CA.  What brought me to San Diego?  Uh…I lived near Compton…

Is There Any Specific Fields Of Work That You Would Like To See Join IFMA That We Don’t Have Members In Now?  

San Diego is a popular travel destination. I would love to see more participation from the hospitality industry.