September 8, 2017

Presidents Letter

Dear San Diego Chapter Members,

I want to first thank you for your continued trust in the leadership of the San Diego Chapter, and for allowing me to guide this amazing Chapter for this next year.  I also want to thank our outgoing President, Lisa Chappell, for her dedicated leadership over the last 2 years.  Under her direction, this Chapter has made tremendous strides in connecting with our members by providing more regional and FM focused events.  She will remain active not only on the Executive Board as a mentor, but will maintain her role as the Co-Chair of the Education and Professional Development Committee and the Fireside Chats Committee.

This year we have three new members being added to the Executive Board.  Steve Milinkevich is serving as Vice President 1, Marcy Harold is serving as Vice President 2, and Kirsten Finneran has taken on the role of Chapter Secretary.  I want to thank all three of them for stepping into these leadership roles.

Gayle Lorenc has stepped down as Treasurer after 8 years.  Her commitment to this Chapter has made us the financially strong Chapter that we are.  In her place, Michael Acosta has stepped up and will assume the role of Treasurer.  Caryn Worcester will continue work as the Chapter’s amazing Administrator.

As we progress into the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year, our focus is to strategically strengthen the communication between IFMA International and our Chapter.  This will be accomplished in part with effective and open communication, as well as increasing Chapter leadership involvement at IFMA events.  In addition, we will focus on growing webinar and leadership town hall meeting attendance.

Over the last few months, our board has identified the Chapter’s
“Top Priorities”:

  1. Create Incentives for FMs to get more involved in the Chapter
  2. Create an Associate Certification Program
  3. Consider geographically regional locations for all events (North, South, West, East, Central)

We are working diligently on how to best implement programs and events that keep these priorities in mind.  In November, we will be holding our Strategic Planning Meeting to update our 5-Year Strategic Plan for the years 2018 – 2022.

I thank you for your involvement in this great Chapter, and I look forward to an exciting year of growth ahead!



David Suter
IFMA San Diego
Chapter President