January 2020

Hello to my IFMA Family!

We’re expecting another great year for IFMA San Diego.

Thanks to my friend and predecessor, David Suter, for a successful year as our chapter president. He, and Lisa Chappell before him, have set great examples about how to lead this chapter and I only hope to follow in those footsteps, taking us into the future.

This year is going to be about excitement. It’s going to be about attitude. We’re fortunate enough to be in a booming economic cycle in San Diego County, and that should be exciting. The companies that we belong to, the facilities that many of you run, they are some of the coolest, most innovative firms out there. The best part about it is that the people in this chapter – you all – are involved in that.

New sustainability techniques, unique floor plans, and even impressive feats of architecture are just small examples of what is possible due to the direct efforts of both our professionals and associates alike.

We’re going to have an exciting year and that’s in part to the leaders around me:

We have two Vice Presidents that share in my enthusiasm with Marcy Harold as our VP1 and Sherry Perkins as our VP2. If you haven’t spent time with the two of them, you need to make that happen. They are as fun as they get!

Our chapter secretary Kirsten Finneran and treasurer Michael Acosta both enter their 2nd years in those roles. And after a successful year, I know they’re fired up too.

So let’s do this thing right, freshen it up a bit, and get excited for this year and our professional growth!

Thanks again,

Steve Milinkevich

IFMA San Diego

Chapter President